High vibrational ceramics

Elevated tools channelled with positive intentions to amplify energies during your everyday rituals

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Find your one-of-a-kind magic tool for your rituals, to help you create a spiritual routine and reconnect with the beauty of your inner-self.

Everything you need in a box of a unique Self-Care experience

Helping you through your awakening

Holistic ceramics was founded in 2018 by Joanna Cabot-Jossua.

She wanted to create mindful ceramics with crystals, protection symbols and spiritual meanings. Sacred objects to support the practice of your daily rituals and enhancing your higher senses.

A Holistic process where the mind, body and spirit are one, to create each piece slowly and consciously.

Joanna started using clay as a meditative and healing medium to express her creativity and find her purpose.Her inspirations are connected to spiritual experiences she encounters in her everyday life. 

Throughout the handmade method, Joanna channels positive, protective, healing and vibrant energies in her ceramics to bring you a sense of calm and peace,

With love and protection, Xx

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  • Magic

    Each ceramic has been channelled with high positive vibration to amplify the power of your intention during your rituals

  • Handmade

    All our ceramics are handmade in our studio in Sydney. Each piece is unique and beautiful

  • Conscious

    Each ceramic is consciously made for you to practice and develop self-care. Made to spend a mondful moment.

  • Authentic

    At holistic ceramics, we value authenticity. Our ceramics are intuitively channelled and unique. You will never find a piece like ours elsewhere.

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