Unique ceramics made for your rituals

Holistic ceramics are energetically charged ceramics, made with crystals and protection symbols, to elevate your daily rituals.

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"I have my daily coffee in this cup and my ceremonial cacao. It certainly adds to my experience. love it. Can't imagine starting my day without my favourite cup", Navee - Hamsa cup

"They arrived! I'm so happy! Wearing the necklace today!",Jo - the Smudge bowl and Zodiac necklace

"I am just so blown away, this piece is pure magic, and I'm so honoured to it. It's much more than I could have imagined, every tiny detail", Tara on a custom-made incense holder

High vibrational ceramics handmade with intention

Holistic ceramics are energetically charged ceramics with love and protection. They are all handmade by Joanna Cabot-Jossua in her studio in Sydney. Using different types of fine clays, she elevates her ceramics using crystals, real gold and spiritual symbols.

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