June 26, 2022

5 ways to purify your space

By Joanna Cabot
5 ways to purify your space

Purifying and cleansing your space is as important as a physical cleaning. Energy can stagnate like dust and hugely affect our moods, our energy, our mental. Here are 5 ways, including tools and rituals, to easily and quickly purify your space. 

1. Palo Santo

Palo Santo, "Holy wood" in Spanish, has been used by indigenous people of South American countries for centuries. Different forms of Palo Santo exists; wood, resin and essential oil.

Many people find the aroma of palo santo relaxing, so it’s commonly used to ease stress. It’s thought to have a purifying, cleansing effect on the body and mind.

Palo santo is a traditional remedy for pain, inflammation, and stress. It’s also used to clear out negative energy. You can burn palo santo as incense or apply the oil on your skin.

Always buy from a reputable retailer to make sure your palo santo is responsibly sourced.

Ritual with a Palo Santo wood stick

  • Use one of the Holistic ceramics dish infused with the energies you need
  • Before lighting the wood stick, centre yourself and set your intention: What do you want to cleanse, to purify? What new energies do you want to welcome in your place? 
  • Use a candle, matches or a lighter to light your Palo Santo
  • Hold the stick downward at a 45-degree angle
  • Let the stick burn for 30 seconds
  • Blow out the flame and place your stick in your Holistic ceramics dish to let it burn.


2. Salt

Did you know salt cleanse and protect your space? Just as smudging a sage stick or like crystals! 

Salt has been used by mystics, witches, and spiritual beings for centuries to cleanse energy, rid a space of bad vibes, and banish hexes.

Ritual with salt

  • Use the Holistic ceramics cleansing bowl
  • Centre yourself and set your intention, ask that this salt to purify and protects your space from negative energies
  • Then go around your house and spread small amounts in each corner of the room. Because salt can be corrosive, you can use small trinket dishes or a paper to put the salt in, instead of directly put the salt on your floor.

Remember, just like crystals, once salt soaks up enough negativity, it’ll become blocked. Thus, it’s a good idea to throw out the old salt and replace it with fresh salt, once you feel that the salt isn’t quite cleaning the energy as well as it once was.

Any salt can be used, however, Himalayan salt is the best for any cleansing ritual as it's the purest on earth. 


3. Incense

Incense can be found under different forms like sticks, powder, cones etc...

Incenses are crafted out of sacred plants, such as frankincense or sandalwood. These plants are known to carry a high energetic vibration. Thus, burning the plants – in incense form– fills your home with that high vibration, cleansing the space of negativity and protecting the area from lower vibrational energies.

Ritual with incense

  • Use the Holistic ceramics incense holder with the symbols and energies you need
  • Take a few minutes to centre yourself and set your intention.
  • Light your incense, blow out the flame and let it burn, placing it in your Holistic ceramics incense holder. 


4. Tuning fork

Sound therapy is also a very good way to purify your space. It sends vibrations to every corner of your space and creates a beautiful attunement to elevated energies. Depending on their Hertz frequencies, the sounds of tuning forks will have different properties.

Ritual with a tuning fork

  • Centre yourself and set your intention.
  • While using your tuning fork, visualise the vibrations of the sound going around your space, cleansing any negative and stagnant vibrations.
  • Light your incense, blow out the flame and let it burn, placing it in your Holistic ceramics incense holder. 


5. Essential oils

Essential oils are used in Holistic and alternative medicine and aromatherapy is well known for its physical and spiritual healing, cleansing and protective properties. 

You can find many oils for many uses, sage or frankincense oils will cleanse and purify your space.

Ritual with essentials oils

  • Use the Holistic ceramics Self-love and protection essential oil burner.
  • Light up a candle and replace the dish on the tumbler
  • Take a few moments to centre yourself and set your intention 
  • Put a few drops of your essential oil on the dish (you can add also of few drops of water)
  • Let the aroma fill your room with purifying and cleansing energies


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