January 11, 2022

8 simple ways to protect your energy

By Joanna Cabot
8 simple ways to protect your energy

Did you ever felt drained after seeing someone? Did you ever felt angry or feeling sad after seeing someone. Did you ever feel "heavy" and tired after visiting a place?

You protect your skin and hygiene when you take a shower, you protect your teeth when brushing them, you protect your skin moisturising it. Protecting your energy is as important. Every day, you get to catch other's energies or residual energies left in places. 

There is nothing more real than your energy, which is you. Protecting it, is the first thing you should think of, even before having a shower.

Here are 8 simple ways to quickly protect your energy effortlessly.

1. Gold light visualisation

Take at least five minutes when you wake up. Visualise a golden light egg in front of you. Stay a minute, watching this egg, trying to imagine the details and the most beautiful bright light. It's a wonderful feeling, this egg is here for you to bring you protection. Now imagine the golden light expand around you and in your room. Try to visualise for at least five minutes. 

2. Crystals 

Some crystals have a very strong protective vibrations. Keep a black tourmaline or a black obsidian in your room or on you. 

Black tourmaline"Potent, inky black, and with strong grounding forces, this jet coloured stone is known for being a swallower of negative energies. It effectively helps the wearer be absolved of dark feelings, turning these anxious vibrations into a positive spin that nurtures the soul".

Black obsidian: Black Obsidian is as dark as night and is a powerful tool for those seeking protection, grounding, deep-set healing and tearing the fabric of falsity to find the truth.

3. Calling your guides

When in need of support and protection, you can always call your guides. We all have at least one guide who's always here for us. They watch over and guide you for your highest good. They instantly will protect your energy if you request it. In the spiritual law, you have always the "free will". So if you don't ask, nothing will come. Do not hesitate, and put the intention. 

4. Five-minute guided meditation

Just let yourself be guided by a beautiful meditation that will make you feel good, at peace, relaxed and serene. A short meditation can easily bring back a lot of positivity and good energies. Find your five-minute guided meditation on this Holistic ceramics Spotify playlist.

5. Turning negative feeling to positive thoughts

Do acknowledge your negative feelings. When it comes to control yourself, breath, step back from your thoughts. Ask yourself "Why am I feeling this?", "Why do I have this reaction?", "To which experiences is this bringing me back?", "This is my ego reacting, how can I turn these feelings to positive thoughts?". 

Acknowledge, digest and put aside your negative feelings - later on, you can journal on them - try to find a positive way to get out of this; what are the positive sides of this situation? Your life is about your perspectives - change your perspectives, change your reactions, then your life change.

6. Aura soma or Agua de Florida

Based upon the specific vibrational frequencies that colours emit, Aura-Soma is a system of colour, plant, and crystal energies that can be used as a tool to bring a deeper awareness to ourselves, and to enhance happiness and vitality.
Peruvian Agua de Florida is used in South America by shamans for cleansing, healing, ritual feeding, & flowering.
Both of these potions are amazing, they lift your energy, therefore give you access to instant protection.

7. Wear a Talisman

talisman is an object which you believe has magic powers to protect you or bring you luck. Find this object and give it the intention that it will protect your energy. Find your Holistic ceramics talisman, which are already charged with protective energies.

8. Call a loved one and have a good laugh

There's nothing better than sharing pure positive energy. Call a loved one, a family member, a friend and spend time having a great conversation. This refills you with joy and happiness, and strongly protects you even against negative people approaching you.






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