June 28, 2021

Create your sacred space with the Temple incense burner

By Joanna Cabot
Create your sacred space with the Temple incense burner

Taking care of yourself also means create safe space where you feel good and at peace.

In your house, you feel good because you've created the space you like, adding the furnitures that vibrate with you. What else can affect the quality of your space? 

The lighting, the colours, the decoration. The Temple incense burner will contribute to an atmosphere, like the music or candles. It's a detail, but it can shift the energy of the room.

Temple incense burners

The shape comes from an antique Christmas decoration found in a flea market in France. A mysterious object with a soul and story which one day belonged to someone. 

I wanted to give another life to this object, another story, in our modern world. Creating a piece for good purposes and spreading good energies. 

The slow motion smoke coming out from the Temple incense burner respects the shape of the ceramic and create a beautiful and peaceful flow. 

How to use it? 

Place a small amount of sacred herbs, incense or resin in the centre of the handmade dish and place above the top of the incense burner. 

Watch the smoke slowly expanding the good energies and its beautiful smell around you. Enjoy and relax. This is your sacred space.

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