November 08, 2021

Daily 5-minute ritual for good energy

By Joanna Cabot
Daily 5-minute ritual for good energy

Most women are short on time and struggle to find time for rituals. By not prioritising your spiritual health, you are vulnerable to negative energies.

Implementing ritual in your self-care routine is up to you!

A ritual doesn't have to be a full ceremony it can be as simple as having your coffee in the morning, if this action gets you to be present, aware and having an intention behind.

What are you going to do today to:


It's time for you to prioritise yourself! It's time for you to take time to re-connect to your body.

Are you ready? Here are 6 easy rituals to implement in your life and will only take you 5 minutes. 

Choose a crystal for the day/week

Got to your crystal collection and intuitively pick up a crystal. If you don't have crystals then choose a meaningful small object to keep with you during the day or the week. 

Before choosing your crystal (or object): Quiet your mind, try to be present. Then ask, "What crystal will support me for my highest good today/this week?". Choose and look for the meaning. The crystal or object, which has a personal meaning to you, will help you bring the necessary energies you need right now.

Also, by doing this ritual, it instantly elevates your vibration and allow yourself to feel good.

Do a 5-minute guided meditation

I love guided mediation, you just have to follow the voice and let yourself go. And because you "only" have 5 minutes, you want it to be effective. I compiled a 5-minute guided meditation playlist on the Holistic ceramics Spotify channel here.

Drink warm water with lemon and ginger

Turn drinking warm water with lemon and ginger into a 5-minute ritual; while the water is boiling, quiet your mind and visualise yourself being surrounded by a white light. This light is cleansing your aura and resetting your energy body. 

Now, in every of your action - putting the lemon in your cup, cutting the ginger, adding the water - you are present. You can either say an intention for the day or take a minute to acknowledge how cleansing this water will be to your body. 

Warm water with lemon and ginger is a powerful cleanser, by cleansing your body it brings you energy, and it feels good. 

Cleanse your space (and you!)

A space clearing/cleansing and cleansing yourself usually takes half a day to a day. 

Now, because we "only" have 5 minutes, here are my most effective ways to give a minimum cleanse and protection to your house and you. 

Choose your smudge stick - Palo Santo, Sage, Sandalwood -, your herbs on charcoal, your spray if you don't like to burn, or just your hands if you don't have any if these tools. 

First and foremost, know the exact meaning of the tool you are choosing. Do you know what is the difference between a Palo Santo and Sage bundle? Energetically speaking? If not, you NEED to know the properties of what you are using, not only for obvious reasons but also because the intention is everything in a ritual. By knowing what you use and how/why you want to use it your intention is powerful. 

Why using your hands if you don't have tools? Because you are energy. And your hands give this energy. Energy can heal, protect, love... We can do EVERYTHING with our energy. I really believe we are all energy healers - but we don't all know how to use it or want to. 

Use these 5 minutes per room/space. 

- Open all the windows of this room, if there aren't, open of your front. Air needs to circulate to let go of past energies and welcome new ones. 

- Start at the room's door. Quiet your mind be present, you don't have to close your eyes but now, just be aware of your surroundings, relaxed and centered. Start walking around the room from corners to corners and whether you prefer visualising a white light, saying prayers, talk to your guides or yourself, now ask for protection and shield your energy. 

- Take your Sage, for example, light it up with the intention of helping clear the space. Take your smudging bowl and place your stick inside. With your hand you are going to wave the smoke in front of you. 

- Starting walking clockwise around the room, stop at every corner - it is where the energy is often stagnant, residual or where vortexes can appear. While waving the smoke say out loud or in your mind "I am safe, well and protected". 

- With your hands, do exactly as above, you will just keep your hand in your front you like if you were to gently push someone. Really feel your hands become warmer with energy. 

- When finishing your circle, and back at the door, do the same at the corner at the door saying "this room is safe, well, and protected". 

- Let the room breathe a bit before closing the windows. 

- If using smudging technique put your bowl in front of you and with your hands bring the smoke to your head, then chest and finally your legs. Saying out loud or in your mind, "I am washed from any negative energies that is not for my highest good". 

- If using your hands, bring them to your heart chakra and say out loud or in your mind "I am washed from any negative energies that is not for my highest good". 

Say 5 good things that happened to you today/this week

Write down or say out loud 5 good things that happened to you, your family, your loved ones that was positive. Just before doing this, you can light up a candle, choose a crystal, be present to create a little moment of gratitude. 

You can also think of 5 bad things that happened to you and how you can transform them, why did it happen? How did you react? What could be the lesson? This is even more transformative and an amazing exercise for your energy.

Practice energy healing


You are energy. You can heal your energy by practice self-healing. And it's the most simple and basic action any human on earth can do. All you need is your intention - it is fundamental. Without intention, nothing works, nothing gets activated, and it's a waste of energy. 

Make yourself comfortable, sit or lay down. Say out loud or in your head, "I am energy. I am safe, at peace, loved and protected". Visualise the source of energy, the one we all come from, "I am calling the Source energy to fill me with its power for me to heal/unblock/empower/open/clarify/cleanse my .... relationship with my partner/my health issues/this particular situation/my heart/ past traumas and the ones I'm unware of/ my body of negative energies etc... 

Now, visualise/feel the energy coming in your hands, you can feel a tickling or warm sensation. Put your hands on your body INTUITIVELY. Unless you want to work on a particular chakra. Trust yourself to where you need your healing. 


Your daily 5-minutes ritual to practice elevating your vibration and welcome good energies around you. I would love to know which ritual resonates the most with and how do you practice! Leave me a comment below!



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