August 20, 2021

Holistic ceramics during COVID19

By Joanna Cabot
Holistic ceramics during COVID19

Hello friends, 

What a challenging time for all. Not only COVID, but everything that has been happening lately in the world. Everyone is impacted in a way. 

Holistic ceramics is run by me, Joanna. I imagine the ceramics, make them, test them, produce them, paint them, fire them, market, sell, pack, send, doing the customer service, for you all beautiful souls and for amazing retailers. 

And I won't lie, it is hard and challenging every day. But knowing my ceramics will make you happy, help you in your rituals, elevate your soul knowing you have a sacred object with you is all why I love doing this. And I am passionate about transmitting spirituality practices and good energies. I am very lucky to do something I love for a living, thanks to you all.

To make these unique and special ceramics, I need a professional studio, space, a kiln (professional oven), glazes (special paints). I don't have the chance to have the space at home, but I am so lucky and grateful to have a small studio 30 minutes from where I live in the most amazing potters' community, CLAYPOOL. 

Unfortunately, due to the new COVID-19 lockdown restrictions I can't go to the studio, and it is closed anyway. So I can't make anything, and I don't have enough ceramics for everyone, but I kept some very beautiful treasures.

So hang on here, I have a few things in line for you, until I can make ceramics again! Your support means everything, and I am so grateful that the Holistic ceramics community is made of so many gentle, kind and true people. 

Let's stick together it will be okay, in the meantime - self-care first! And help each other ♡

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I have many SOLD OUT ceramics on my website but if you want to support even more Holistic ceramics AND another small business, here is a list of all my retailers, and they have all the ceramics for your rituals : 

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Sending you all the love - Take care and thank you ♥︎

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