September 28, 2022

How to use an Altar for your spiritual practices

By Joanna Cabot
How to use an Altar for your spiritual practices

What is an Altar? It is a sacred object, place in a sacred space that has a spiritual significance to you. In an altar, you would put all your favorite meaningful and mystical items. It doesn't matter how big or small your altar is, the magic resides in your intention of having it as a spiritual sacred object. Altar is a vehicle for you to connect more deeply with the divine.

In Cosmopolitan article, Spiritual mentor Nikki Novo describes an altar as a 3D version of a vision board that “serves as a visual representation of some of our spiritual beliefs, commitments, and intentions.”



Holistic ceramics altar


Where to set up your Altar? The space you'll be putting your altar will be chosen intuitively. Where is the space you feel the most at peace and comfortable? Personally, I like to have my altar in my room as I live in a small and quite open apartment, I know my room is my temple to restore, feel calm and quiet and where I can have some time alone. If you are not sure, go around your place and feel where your vibrations feel the most at peace. 

What should you put on your altar? You can put everything you want in your altar, and that is the beauty of creation. In your altar, you create a space of connection and spiritual intentions. So you decide to put what will support this journey. My advice is - each week, use the magical power of the altar for one intention. For example, this month, I am asking for financial abundance and support. In my altar I will use object that hold these energies; a Pyrite stone, a yellow candle, few coins, a prayer wrote on a paper, my financial goal for this month wrote on a piece of paper, an oracle angel card or a tarot card with a financial abundance meaning etc... 



Holistic ceramics mini altars


Protection, always. When you are opening your energy to give or receive, you are vulnerable to positive and negative forms of all energies around. As an example, when practicing any sports, you will protect your muscles by warming up - when you're about to put make up, you usually protection your skin with a moisturiser etc... When you are about to open your energetic bodies, you need to protect yourself and your altar. You can visualise a protection white light around your altar and your body, with the intention of being safe a protected. You can ask out loud to be safe and protected. Furthermore, you can have a black tourmaline always on your altar or a white candle that you will light up before your spiritual practice. The key here is this intention. 

Using your altar in rituals. There is no right or wrong way to practice rituals, it is up to you, what you feel drawn to do, but the key is consistency for manifesting. You can practice journaling, meditation with crystals, contemplating your altar, visualising what you've been wanting from your altar, praying, chanting, cleaning your altar as well, talking to it about your wishes and needs. The more you feed your altar with your energy, the more powerful it becomes. Your Altar is your mini temple, and it is a good space to practice your intuition too. 


Holistic ceramics witchy altar




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