December 06, 2021

Joanna's tips for a protection ritual with the Hamsa cup

By Joanna Cabot
Joanna's tips for a protection ritual with the Hamsa cup

Hello, I am so happy to share how I intend to protect my energy and spiritual well-being with the Hamsa hand cup! 

First, let me tell you - you don't have to be experienced to create a ritual. You don't have to be "woo-woo". I am a journalist, I am "down-to-earth" and I can be skeptical. But I do believe we are more than just a physical body and that energies around us can influence our mental and physical well-being.

Taking a shower a day, brushing your teeth, being careful of what cream you put on your face, cooking fresh food. Doing all this, you are protecting your physical body. Protection of your spiritual body, your aura, is as important. When you do so, you limit your vulnerability to negative energies and  psychic attacks that can drain you, make you feel tired, angry, on edge, stressed, anxious, scared and so on...

If you've read the article about the Holistic ceramics journey, you know that I am a medium and a healer. I channel my ceramics with energies to be spread around you - the Hamsa hand cup is about protection.

The Hamsa hand symbol is also a strong symbol of protection and good fortune. 

It's all about the intention. Your intention is what activate the power of energy. 

Every morning I'll choose the cup I feel the most drawn to; pink for loving and soft energies. White for more clarity and purification. 

Do everything with presence. Be 100% aware of what you are doing when  preparing your tea, coffee or else. While the water is boiling, take your cup in your hands, activate its energies by acknowledge this is a tool that understands what you need, it's handmade and sacred.

Recognise your feelings; what's your mood right now and how do you feel about it? What do you need for today? 

Put your intention; I trust, and I'm asking the universe/my guides/the energy to guide and protect me for today/ on this situation/ from these people etc... 

The energy you communicated in your intention resonates with energies around you and the ones in your hand, in your cup which has been charged to really support what you are asking energetically. 

Sounds a bit crazy? You know what feedback comes back the most to me? "I can feel the energy in your ceramics" :)  

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