November 04, 2021

Rituals for the New Moon in Scorpio

By Joanna Cabot
Rituals for the New Moon in Scorpio

Each New Moon is a time of death and rebirth. And change and challenges. A time to reflect on what we want to let go and welcome, how we want to transform. 

Elevate your vibration with these very simple, quick, easy and fun rituals to try during this new moon and the following days, they've been thought according to the energies going around right now. 

New Moon Keywords : Change, Strength, Healing, Transformation, Money, Sexiness and Rebirth


Journal Prompts 

Take some time to reflect on these two questions and right down, intuitively, what comes in your mind. 

1. What do I want to change about myself? 

2. What can I heal from that's in my control? 



Holistic ceramics has a new Spotify channel! Find us on the search bar of your Spotify at "Holistic ceramics" for all the playlist you need to come with your rituals. Here is listed of few of my favorites.


1. Meditation Self - Healing sounds, Cleanse the Aura and space

2. Neon eyes - Moonchild

3. 528HZ frequency positive energy, Miracle frequency music 



1. Los Olvidados - Tha Quantic Soul Orchestra

2. Como me quieres - Khruangbin

3. Good time - Chic

4. Where to start - Lou Douillon

5. Peace Blossom Boogy - The Babe Rainbow



A few "basic" crystals to help you heal and recharge your energy. 

1. Smoky Quartz - healing, grounding, growth and elimination of bad habits 

2. Aquamarine - courage and protection

3. Amethyst - balance and blocking negative energies

4. Sodalite - rationalise the thoughts and be more centred



Nothing is better than taking time to read a few lines/ chapters or books to learn and sometimes understand by ourselves meanings of life and getting some valuable answers. 

1. The seven spiritual laws of success, Deepak Chopra

2. Rituals for life, Meera Lester 


Rituals with Holistic ceramics


Use Holistic ceramics daily to add a spiritual meaning to small daily rituals.

1. The Antique tray - Place and recharge your crystals

2. Scorpio crystals tumbler - Fill your drink with good energies

3. Sacred eye incense holder - Light up an incense and ask for protection

4. Je t'aime trinket dish - Store and recharge your jewels with love


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