September 06, 2021

Our Spiritual journey with Holistic ceramics

By Joanna Cabot
Our Spiritual journey with Holistic ceramics

The untold story of Holistic ceramics and why they could become an essential tool for your Spiritual Journey

How it all started

December 2017 was a though time mentally. I had my master in journalism and I slowly started to work in the industry. To quickly understand there were few career opportunities.

Coming from a family of self-employed and entrepreneurs, I started to have a lot of doubts and pressure about my future. And wanted to think about starting my own business.

I have always been very sensitive to alternative healing, mysticism, mediumship, crystals, tarot etc.. but never really paid attention to it.

Around this time, one day, I remember being drawn to one particular crystal shop in Newtown. I went in, mechanically, and picked up a few crystals. 

I put these crystals in a dish on my bedside table and kind of forgot about them. 

Two weeks later, nothing changed about my situation, I was still doubting and thinking about my future. But I felt calmer somehow. 

The calling

One morning I woke up instantly. I opened my eyes, completely awake, looking at my dish with the crystals in it. In a split second, I knew I wanted to make ceramics with crystals in them. I know exactly what to do, it was clear and was making perfect sense. I could see myself ten years later doing this. I could see the purpose. All in a second.

I understood the energies of the crystals helped me during these two weeks to feel mentally better to welcome more clarity. 

I felt this urge to share this feeling with people. Crystals had helped me and I wanted people to have an object, already with crystals they could keep with them and use for rituals, to feel better too. 

That is the purpose of Holistic ceramics, for you to have an object charged with beautiful, positive and vibrant energies, that even if you are unaware of these energies, they will send you the necessary vibrations to lift your spirit. 

The ideas and abilities (that are within each one of us)

Creating Holistic ceramics also became a spiritual journey, a spiritual awakening. Which happened to push and develop mediumship and healing abilities. 

And which I finally decided to acknowledge and welcome, and find a way to use them.

But I didn't know how to develop and access to these abilities. I knew about smudging processes, crystals, oracle cards, tarot, but I didn't have specific objects to use or place all these 'divinatory' tools.

I couldn't find nice objects, made for rituals, with this particular purpose of being powerful and that could help me through my spiritual awakening. 

The process

Starting ceramics healed my soul. When making pottery, we have to be focused, you have to be present and still. If your ego wants to go fast or to think of something negative, you will fail. But from this failure, will come everything you need to create exactly what you want. 

Before starting, I will choose what to make and will attune to the right energy. For example, if I'm making a ceramic with moons, I will bring my feminine, intuitive energy.

Using gold, symbols, crystals elevate the amount of energy.

When making a smudge bowl, I will bring out my grounding energy. A mobile, love and healing energies - I've learned how to use my magnetism, as today I'm a recognised and certified energy healer.

When I'm charged with these energies, I'll start making the ceramic and passing on the vibrations. Once the ceramic is fully fired and ready to find its new home, I will charge it again. Exactly like if I was doing energy healing to a person. 

Now, when the ceramic goes to you, it's fully charged with amazing energies. Aware or not, your ceramic's vibrations will impact your vibrations for the best. 

Ceramics are made of mud, soil, from the earth. So, after a while, if you don't use your ceramic it's like a crystal, it's going to discharge. However, every time you use your ceramic it will charge itself and respond specifically to your energies.

The ceramics

Each ceramic has specific energies according to their use. 

The Yin and Yang plate has been charged with balancing, grounding, calming energies. These energies should be felt when around your dish. Anything you put in this dish will be recharged with these energies as well. For example, you are probably not going to take your dish with you all day, if you put your ring overnight in the dish it will be recharged, and then you'll wear your ring and get the energies of the dish.

When in use, the energies of the ceramics amplify manifestations. 

For example, The smudge bowl contains cleansing, healing, protection and grounding energies. If you use your bowl to smudge your place or yourself for a cleanse, your intentions of getting cleansed, healed, protected and grounded will be quickly activated.

The rituals

These ceramics has been designed to be used. To be simple, authentic, mystical and engaging.

A ritual is simply a routine made with presence and intention. Drinking your coffee every morning being present and feeling good after it is a ritual. 

Sometimes people get confused with ceremonies. Which involves several rituals. 

But a ritual is as simple as using your smudge bowl to put your crystals every morning in it to recharge. That would be one of your morning ritual. 

Using a beautiful, handmade, unique, enjoyable tool give depth to your rituals. With presence and intention, now it adds excitement and awareness. 

That's why Holistic ceramics could become your essential tool for your daily rituals.


Let me know in the comments what are your thoughts and ideas! ♥︎ 

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