February 09, 2022

How to use a Pendulum for divination

By Joanna Cabot

A pendulum, to provide elements concerning the future, is used to answer a question by "yes" or "no". But how does it work, and how should it be used to arrive at reliable predictions?

Note that it takes some training to be able to use a divination pendulum well. Patience and perseverance are therefore essential. When we ask a question, when we want deep down to know an answer, our subconscious finds a relay in the movements of the pendulum in circular form. The oscillations of the pendant are the translation. Depending on the direction these movements take, the answer is negative or positive. 

Allow the pendulum to express all its magnetism

When using a pendulum, you must first ensure the efficiency of its magnetism. Place your hand in front of you, palm up, rotate the object a few centimetres above, in one direction then in the other. Feeling the energy that emanates from the hand, but also from the whole body. Then it ends up stopping his rotation and stabilises: your pendulum is ready to be used.

Learn to hold the object

You have to hold the pendulum with the hand most used in your daily life. So right-handers will use their right hand and left-handers their left hand. The end of the cord must be held with the tips of the fingers, between the thumb and the index finger. The arm must not be in contact with the body and the wrist must be in its extension. Watch out for the broken wrist! The body and the mind must be relaxed, detached, without any tension. Breathing must be smooth and regular.

The movement of "yes" and "no"

Most of the time, a pendulum that rotates clockwise gives a positive response. Obviously, the negative response will then be characterised by a movement in the opposite direction. But we note that this is not always true. Each person, in fact, can have their own code. It is therefore necessary to find out. For this, you have to do many tests, formulate questions whose answer is beyond doubt and see for yourself how the pendulum reacts.

A succession of questions to find out the truth

The way to formulate the questions is fundamental when using a pendulum for divination. So, as we said, this object responds only with "yes" or "no". We must therefore ask ourselves several questions involving this type of direct and clear-cut answer. The best way to proceed is to formulate questions of a general nature then, gradually, move forward by targeting them each time more. One can use a pendulum to approach all the problems of existence: health, work; love, finances, etc.

Sweep away any potential doubt

It is imperative to believe in the reliability, in the veracity of the answers of the pendulum. This is why you should never hesitate to ask the divination object to confirm its answers. If a suspicion arises, ask it the question: "is it true?". No doubt should assail you. You and your pendulum must be one.

Are there any dangers in using a divination pendulum?

The first pitfall in using a divination pendulum is what might be called psychological projection. It happens when the person fails to achieve a certain neutrality and unconsciously causes the pendulum to suggest not the truth but their own truth. The answers are then incorrect.

A significant danger must also be stated: addiction. Some pendulum users, alas, have become addicted to their divination tool and question it for anything and everything, without the slightest discernment. Under these conditions, the user is often weakened, and its pendulum is nothing more than a mirror of himself. It is therefore necessary to take a step back, to keep one's free will and not to sanctify one's pendulum.

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