August 30, 2021

7 quick and easy rituals with Holistic ceramics

By Joanna Cabot

If you think you don't have the time or know what to do, it is an illusion. Read how to practice one simple and quick ritual a day with Holistic ceramics.

1. Get filled with good energies

Drink your tea or coffee or any other favorite beverage with presence and an intention for the day.

The Hamsa hand cup, will amplify protective energies. Say out loud or in your mind, “I am safe and protected from any negative forces around me and my loved ones. I ask for luck, good fortune and happiness within my life. I trust the divine power shield of protection”. 



2. Quick aura cleanse 

Like taking a shower to keep a good physical hygiene, it is important to cleanse your energy. Take your smudge bowl, a few loose sage leaves, a piece of sandalwood ethically sourced, please.

While doing your cleansing, say out loud or in your mind: "I am protected, at peace and watched over. I know the universe, my guides, angels and ancestors have my back. Anything negative is not allowed around me. My energy is love and light”.



3. Recharge your most precious belongings

Whether it is your crystals, jewels, souvenirs, notes, anything close to your heart and meaningful to you has a powerful energy. And like everything and everyone, if you don't take care of these energies, they fade. 

Under the sunlight or moonlight, place your objects on the Antique tray saying out loud or in your mind “I am present and grounded. I can ask the universe for help at any time when I have unclear thoughts. I am part of the whole, I know I am worthy, and my light is necessary on earth”. Your belongings will be charged with these intentions.



4. Light up an incense

So quick and easy. However, everything resides in the intention and the choice of ceramic. Bring the angel energies and ask for guidance with the 11:11 incense holder, saying out loud or in your mind, “I know that the universe, my guides, angels and ancestors are always with me. I am fully protected and on the right path. I am aware of the signs send to help me and guide me during my divine mission”.



5. Sound and light healing 

With The Angelic mobile. Hang it next to a window and let the wind and natural light go through the handmade porcelain and stoneware symbols. They will create the most soothing and delicate music with gold reflections all around you.

Look at the magic happening and say in your mind or out loud “I let this unique sound and light soothing my soul and bring me calm and peaceful energies”



6. Dedicate the perfect place

Sacred things should have a sacred place. That is why altars are so important during a ceremony. The Coeur ring trinket dish has been especially made for your rings.

Hands are a powerful vector of energies and your rings should be carefully cleanse and recharged with the most loving energies.

While using this very special dish, say out loud or in your mind “I allow myself and my heart to be open, to give and receive the powerful energies of Love”



7. Love is the most powerful healer

What is more beautiful than love and the feeling of giving and receiving love. Feeling loved? Well Holistic ceramics has the exact, perfect dish holding this very sacred energy with the Je t'aime and Love plates. There is only one of each, as they were made exclusively for Elvis et Moi.

Made out of fine white stoneware with a graceful glossy/clear glaze. They are the most delicate little objects you can offer yourself or someone you love. 



Comment your favorite ritual with Holistic ceramics or share your ritual ♥︎ 

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  • BIVI DERKAOUI Stéphanie on September 06, 2021

    Bonjour Joanna,
    Merci infiniment de m’avoir transmis ce message, je suis vraiment très convaincu de tout cela.
    Je suis toujours autant en admiration, d’une part parce que vous êtes une très belle personne mais aussi pour les magnifiques objets que vous réalisés. Je ne cesserai jamais de vous le dire. J’aimerai tellement pouvoir m’offrir un ou plusieurs objets de vos creations. Malgré la distance, je sais que je pourrai un jour avoir la possibilité de m’offrir quelques pièces, si précieuses, qui trouveront leur place dans mon foyer.. Je ne sais pas comment on pourrait faire ? Si vous avez une idée je suis à votre écoute. Sinon, il faudrait que je j’aille en Suisses ou à Paris, j’ai vu que vos objets sont vendus dans une boutique à Paris. Si jamais j’ai l’occas d’y aller, c’est sûr je ferai un détour. À très bientôt Joanna et au plaisir de vous suivre, de vous lire et j’espère, pouvoir être une de vos prochaines clientes. Stéphanie

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