September 14, 2021

Self-care practice with the Ritual Candle

By Joanna Cabot
Self-care practice with the Ritual Candle

Rituals are part of our everyday life. A ritual can be as simple as drinking your coffee every morning. If it's done with presence and intention, with gratitude and makes you feel good, this is the purpose of a ritual. 

When I asked the Holistic ceramics followers on Instagram why they wouldn't practice rituals 90% answered "I don't know what to do". 

So I decided to create, in collaboration with Mara Luna, a 3in1 tool that would make you practice a self-care ritual. Everything is already here, you'll have nothing to do but to use this tool to integrate a little ritual in your life. A ritual to make you feel good and at peace, protected and grounded, calm and serene. 

The Ritual candle is a moisturising body oil candle made from soy wax and shea butter. Ingredients are 100% natural and safe for the skin. The blend contains jojoba oil which is an essential oil carrier mixed with Rosewood, Cedarwood, Sandalwood and nutmeg essential oil. 

Each of the essential oil has been chosen carefully, and for their meaning: 

Sandalwood brings you closer to the divine, inciting calmness and clearing the mind. Repels negative energies and protect your aura when applied behind your neck.

Cedar wood is used to calm anxiety and insomnia, it's a warm and relaxing scent.

Rosewood is often used as an aphrodisiac and is excellent for your skin

Nutmeg invigorates and helps relax the nerves

Mara Luna, created by Amarah is a small business based in London and specialised into making beautiful and delicate wax especially her moon wax with petals inside. A signature you can find on the Ritual Candles. 

On top of the candle you will find your own handmade porcelain and golden pendant. A heart to represent love energies or a star if you need to manifest and amplify guidance. 

The first time you light up your candle, take off your pendant and put it along a chain or use it as a talisman whenever you are doing a ritual with your candle, to recharge your pendant with beautiful energies. 

Once your candle is all consumed, keep the bowl as a smudging tool and to store your crystals and precious things. It is now full of beautiful energies gathered by all the time, presence and intentions made during your rituals.

How to do your self-care ritual with your Candle

Lit up your candle, setting up an intention for the day or the week ahead. Focus on this intention, feel calm and grounded. Take time for yourself, to be present.

When the wax is liquid around your golden pendant, slowly take it off. Rinse it under warm water to take off the wax. If you decide to use the wax on your skin you'll have to take off the crescent moon from your candle so it doesn't blend with the oil. (See more on the product page)

You can use this time for journaling your thoughts. Once you feel ready, blow out the candle. Wait a few minute the wax cools down but make sure it is still liquid. Take some wax in your hands and apply the sacred body oil behind your ears, on your temples and your wrists. 

Come back fully grounded, present and at peace. You've just done a beautiful self-care ritual. 


The first burn is very important to let the candle burn to the edges. If your candle "tunnel" which means makes a hole in the middle, watch this tutorial on how to fix it.

When your candle is finished, gently wash your bowl with warm water and use it for your smudging rituals or to place your most precious crystals.

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