February 19, 2023

Steps to an Egg cleansing ritual

By Joanna Cabot
Steps to an Egg cleansing ritual

An egg cleanse is a ritual practice to eliminate negative spiritual energies.

The practice is Mesoamerican, "limpia con huevo" and an important part of some cultures.

You might want to do an egg cleanse if you are feeling tired, sad or drained. Get rid of bad energies to welcome the new. 


What to prepare

- The night or a few nights before: put some water in a glass bottle or just a glass. Put a strong intention of purifying this water by prayer, by the smoke or writing on a paper your intention and set the bottle on it. Place your bottle under the moonlight (next to a window) - alternatively, you can put a few drops of holy water in your glass for immediate use. 

- A room-temperature egg

How to cleanse

- Put your holy/moon water in a glass

- Take your egg and pass it three times from head to toe with the intention of the egg retaining the negative energies

- Now break the egg in your glass

- Wait 5 minutes then read your egg


How to read your egg

- If your egg cracks or drop unintentionally, in between the ritual, some people/energies want to prevent you from doing this (better you do it!)

- If the water and egg are clean and bubbles are coming to the surface of the water, you are cleansed

- If yolk has a red or black spot, better to check on your health

- Shapes, figures: put extra attention, do you recognise any? Or person, an object you have seen or dreamt of? What do you feel looking at them? What is your intuition telling you?

- Grey/black cloudy egg: need to protect your energy

- If the water is cloudy, repeat the cleanse

When you’re done interpreting your egg cleanse, you can throw the egg and the water into the trash or flush it down the toilet.

Have you ever done an egg cleansing ritual before? Tell me in the comment how did you go and if you have any more tips to give for a successful ritual! 

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