July 04, 2021

The (new) Crystals Zodiac Trays are back!

By Joanna Cabot
The (new) Crystals Zodiac Trays are back!

Our favourite trays are back with a little change. 

The two golden balls on the sides from the previous models have gone. Why? Because, unfortunately, it was a lot of work (yes even two small details!) and much more expensive to produce.

These trays are one of my most favourite piece, and I decided to keep it simple, yet powerful. 

All the zodiac constellation are hand drawn and the crescent moon too. The gold is delicately applied by hand, as well as the crystal chips. 

It's a perfect tray to catch all your beloved belongings, let them sit and recharge with beautiful energies. 

A soft and lovely new version of your very own zodiac constellation to bring magic and positive vibes in your place.


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