April 10, 2021

The purifying energy of The Précieux incense holder

By Joanna Cabot
The purifying energy of The Précieux incense holder

Précieux, the french word for Precious, really defines what this unique incense holder is. Infused with Frankincense resin, this beautiful travel-size piece will purify your space and energy.

Highlighted with gold, pieces of Frankincense resin have been integrated and burnt within the clay, releasing its spiritual properties and benefits. This small incense holder is designed to take it everywhere with you.

What is Frankincense?

Frankincense is a milky white gum resin, collected from a specific variety of trees, the Boswellia carterii, which grow in many regions of Northern Africa and The Middle East. It has been extensively used for thousands of years by the Romans, the Greeks and Israelites and is still used today in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

The Spiritual properties - There are different way to find frankincense, in essential oils, incense sticks for instance. But the one used in the ceramics is raw frankincense. The resin itself. Frankincense resin is generally burnt on a charcoal tablet. It is a powerful way to purify and negative energies and the place you do your rituals and/or prayers. It is also used for cleansing, lifting the spirit, protection against evil. That is why burning frankincense is very common in temples or churches and used during exorcisms.

How to use The Précieux incense holder - There is no one way to use the Précieux incense holder, but it was designed for specific reasons. First, it’s an object that will purify and protect you by its vibration and the Frankincense benefits. Its small size allows you to easily bring it anywhere you want. When I go to meditate, travel, or even just at a friend for a nice evening, I will bring my Précieux incense holder and a pack of incense sticks. it instantly brings a sacred atmosphere a peace around.

The purifying energy of The Precieux incense holder - When the Frankincense resin is burnt within the clay during the first firing, it releases all its spiritual benefits that will hold onto the clay and then connect with your energy. The burnt frankincense will leave small holes, highlighted with gold. Thin, delicate and powerful the Précieux incense holder is like your favourite jewel but as a ritual tool.

Before lighting up an incense stick, feel the imprint of the resin in the clay, you can always put a crystal or anything you want to purify on the small dish.

A tool you can trust, supporting your Spiritual Journey.

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