What is Holistic ceramics?

Holistic ceramics are handmade ceramics energetically charged with positive energies to elevate your vibrations and align your subtle bodies. Joanna, the founder and maker, is also an energy healer and psychic medium. She uses her abilities to create unique ceramics designs for you to use during your ritual to help energies building manifestation. 

What is Holistic readings?

Joanna offers her services as a psychic and medium. These are one on one reading via Zoom call. 

Can I dishwash my ceramics? 

We advise you to handwash your ceramics. They are all delicate, many have 12k gold, and it can easily tarnish in a dishwasher. 

Do you ship worldwide? 

We do ship Holistic ceramics worldwide. Please understand that the shipping prices are directly aligned with the Australia Post prices. Being in Australia, shipping can be quite expensive, and we keep doing our best to find the cheapest solutions. 

How long does it take to ship worldwide? 

For international shipping, please allow 3-4 weeks for standard shipping and 1-2 weeks for express shipping.

Each parcel, national and international, please know that there is a 2-3 days process before they are getting shipped

My ceramics arrived broken, what can I do? 

We do our best to safely package our ceramics, but as fragile objects, it can happen they do break during the shipping transport. But it's rare! If your ceramics arrive broken, please immediately take a picture of the shipping label on the box + the picture of the broken ceramics and email us at info@holistic-ceramics.com

We will be able to refund you, give you a credit or replace your ceramic according to what is available and what you prefer. 

What if I want an exchange or a return? 

Unfortunately, due to the expensive shipping and packaging process, and because most of our ceramics are unique pieces, we don't offer exchange or refund.

Do you restock sold out items? 

Most of our ceramics are intuitively made, therefore there is a limited stock and more often no restock, but please email us at info@holistic-ceramics.com for more information