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Embrace Abundance: 

Are you looking for a practical way to invite abundance into your life? The 8/8 portal, occurring on the 8th of August, brings a unique opportunity to harness the energies of the universe and manifest abundance like never before. Welcome to our down-to-earth Abundance Ritual, where you can discover the real benefits of attracting abundance into your everyday existence.

What is the 8/8 Portal? 

The 8/8 portal, also known as the "Lion's Gate," is a yearly cosmic alignment with no shortage of hype. During this time, the alignment of celestial bodies supposedly creates a gateway for increased manifestation potential. While we can't promise magical powers, the 8/8 portal does present a good chance to focus your intentions and work towards your goals.

The number 8 number comes with positive energy, the power of transitions, and the possibility of infinite abundance. It also comes with themes of success, and self-discipline, and can be seen as a sign of encouragement from your guardian angels that all will be well. 

The Benefits of the Holistic Abundance Ritual 

Clarify Your Goals: Our Abundance Ritual amplify gentle energies for you to pause, reflect, and get clear about what you truly desire. By focusing on your goals, you can create a road map to follow, increasing your chances of achieving them.

Positive Mindset Shift: Abundance isn't just about money; it's a mindset. This ritual incorporates practical techniques to shift your perspective towards a positive and abundant outlook on life. A positive mindset attracts opportunities and opens doors. 

Motivation and Consistency: The Abundance Ritual empowers you to take consistent actions towards your goals. Sometimes, all it takes is a little motivation to keep pushing forward and seeing tangible results.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety: Financial worries and life's challenges can cause stress and anxiety. This ritual aims to send energies to help you manage stress by providing a sense of control and a plan to tackle life's uncertainties.

Improved Focus and Productivity: With clear intentions and a positive mindset, you'll find yourself more focused and productive. This heightened efficiency can lead to better opportunities and a greater sense of accomplishment.

Celebrate Gratitude: Abundance isn't just about gaining more; it's also about appreciating what you have. Our ritual encourages gratitude, helping you find contentment and attract even more positivity into your life.

This Abundance Ritual doesn't involve mystical rituals or instant miracles. Instead, it's a practical and grounded approach to help you set and achieve your goals, cultivate a positive mindset, and attract abundance into your life.

No grand promises, just flowing energies to empower you to take charge of your journey towards abundance.

Join us for this Abundance Ritual, limited slots available! Secure your spot for the Abundance Ritual.

I explain below how I will do the ritual - first you will receive an email confirmation that you are in and when it's done. Check out with your full name and email, if you want this ritual to be for a loved one, write down the person's name in the notes. 

It's a simple and gentle ritual, that focuses on the positive, there is no spell involved, no bad intentions. 

This ritual is available to purchase until Monday, August 7th at 11:59 pm AEST. There are limited places. If you decide to do it through me, you have nothing to do, I do all the steps for you, distance rituals work as good as in-person. 

Here is the ritual steps if you wish to make it yourself at home:

What I use : 

- Water and Holy water (if you don't have Holy water, just use normal water)

- One Yellow and one green candles 

- Laurel, Sage and Cinnamon

- Citrine, clear and smokey quarts

- Salt 

- A bowl 

- Some coins 

- Pen and paper

The steps : 

- If you don't have Holy water - On Monday night, prepare the water. Pour the water in the bowl with intention that the moon's energy will clear and charge this water to amplify your ritual. (The moon is in Waning Gibbous, a phase is to look inwards and re-evaluate your goals. It's a time to feel grateful for what has been this month and re-adjust your intentions moving forward). Let it sit overnight. If you have Holy water you still can do this step if you wish, otherwise you can start your ritual on the next morning. 

- Tuesday morning, prepare your space, no clutter around. Put your bowl of water at the centre of your ritual space, place the candles on the left and right of the bowl, the bowl being at the centre of each candle. 

- Pour a few drops of Holy water, to clear and protect the water. 

- If you can, put the crystals in the water too, if they are ''raw'' and not tumbled, place them around your bowl. 

- Put your coins in the water. 

- If you have cinnamon powder, 'glue' the powder on your candle with olive oil, for example, and then Light up the candles. If you have cinnamon leaves, wait for the next step.

- Burn a few sage and laurel leaves using the candle flames, wait for the smoke to spread and put the leaves in the water if you have cinnamon leaves, do the same.

- On a piece of paper, write the full name of the person you want to send or amplify abundance around, it can be you, loved ones, anyone. After writing, let's say your loved one name or your name, visualise its face in your head or yourself, take a few moments to send abundant energies around this person/you and say :

''I am aware of all energies around me, I want to amplify abundance in all ways for (your person's full name or myself) in all area of his/her/my life. Energetic abundance, physical abundance, financial abundance, professional abundance, love abundance. I am sending love and protection to (your person's name or myself) may abundance come around him/her/me, respecting the highest good of everyone. I am very grateful for this moment and trust it will be done. Thank you''

- Put the paper in your bowl of water, you can as many papers as you want in the bowl.

- Wait for the candles to burn until the end. 

- Take back your crystals and coins. If you can pour the water back in the sea, river or in soil. If you don't have access to any of it, just in a sink. 

 This ritual will have an impact for the next six months, with more intense abundant energies during the first three months, stay open and welcome these beautiful energies in all ways!

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