Chakras stones set

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The Chakras stones set are seven stones with chakras symbols to help you create a ritual, feel, sense and visualise energies for your meditations. You can intuitively choose a stone to keep with you during the day to feel connected to the chakra you want to work with.

These stones have been charged through energy healing techniques with high vibrations corresponding to each chakra.

They are all unique, handmade and hand-painted with the colour corresponding to the chakra.

How to use: There is no particular way but your own, however here is a little guide

- Energetically cleanse your stones before use

- Set a clear intention for each of your stone

- Connect them to the chakra they represent

- Meditate and open our intuition; does this chakra need healing? Is it balanced? How do you feel about it? Trust your instinct

- Come back and thank your stones

Tips: Put your stones in the fridge 10 minutes before using them for a soothing feeling or if you prefer the heat sensation, rub them between your palms for 30 seconds

Care instructions: Recharge your stones under the sunlight or moonlight, with sacred herbs smoke, palo santo or put them around crystals.

Slowly and carefully handmade with love. Human-made beautiful imperfections can occur, they make your piece unique and authentic.

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Love my stones, they are beautiful.
Thank you, I cannot wait to use them