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If you wish to receive an in-depth guidance on you, this is what you might like.

During this one-hour Zoom session, I receive information about what is happening energetically within and around you, as well as getting specifics about past and present situation that could have influenced your energetic field. And then talking about how you can keep healthy energies. 

After discussing your energies, you receive in-depth reading about your past, present and opportunities that can arise in the future, about your love life, career, family life, and general situations. Also, if you have any questions, please never hesitate to ask. 

This reading might be for you if you have not been feeling able to take a decision, if you can not project yourself in the future, if you need some confirmation around your intuition. This reading really helps in removing the fog around your mental and give you all the choices and opportunities in front of you, as well as understanding what night be provoking fear and doubts. 

An Energy and Psychic reading is for entertainment purposes only, please never make important life choices according to what I would say, you always have free-will, and I would make sure your discernment is present during our session. When talking about the future, I would talk about opportunities arising, but it's your choice to take it. 

I don't predict death, I am always extremely careful about the words I choose. I always make sure, you get guided. I would never let you leave a session confused, scared or without being able to process any information. 

I am asking you to upload a picture of yourself. It must be recent, and I would need to see your eyes, so no sunglasses please. This just allows me to connect quicker and to receive a maximum of information.

I can not wait to have the opportunity to connect with you, thank you!

Before our reading,

- Try to relax and not come to our session stressed or angry, as it can close off your energies. 

- Be in a quiet space where you won't be disturbed, as calm and concentration are much needed

- Come open-minded and without judgement for an enjoyable experience.


Hi, I am Joanna, and I am a devoted Psychic-Medium and healer. I use and work with my psychic abilities to connect with your energy and connect your spirits to receive information about you, and to provide the guidance you might need. I work with compassion and kindness and always make sure you feel confident in being supported. Our session stay anonymous unless I have your permission to share your experience.

Customer Reviews

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Very Intuitive

I am very happy with my Chakra and Energy reading I had with Joanna, she is very intuitive and very easy to work with. Joanna was able to pick up on my strengths and also where I need to work on a closed Chakra. Ideas on how to strengthen my spirituality to grow will be implemented. After the session, I could feel my Aura getting stronger.

Thank You Joanna


Joanna is amazing!!!

Wow, I highly recommend it. Joanna is a beautiful person inside and out.
She is an wonderful soul. I am so glad that our paths have crossed. She was so accurate, reassured me and went through everything I wanted to explore about my life and concerns. Thank you, thank you thank you again! 🙏🏾🤍

I feel so much lighter, thank you!

I had an energy and psychic reading with Joanna and I feel so much lighter after it. I can’t stop smiling! I always feel so nervous before a reading but Joanna is so gentle and so clear and calm, I was at ease from the moment we started. Joanna thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with me and for the messages and guidance. It was such a beautiful experience and I feel really grateful for it.

Lecture des chakras avec Joanna

Cette expérience restera un moment riche en émotions. Joanna arrive à percevoir avec justesse nos axes d'améliorations et nos blessures pour que l'on puisse avancer et se libérer. Une rencontre incroyable, Joanna est douce et prend le temps nécessaire durant la consultation. Merci Joanna, tu as su me guider au moment où j'en avais besoin 🙏 belle et douce continuation

Flora Braganti

Je suis reconnaissante d’avoir eu une séance avec vous.. cela a été libérateur sur beaucoup de choses et m’a permis de mettre en place différents moyens pour me sentir mieux dans ma vie et prendre les choses en main..