'Go with the flow' chakras plates

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Create a unique table filled with good energies. These plates have been organically handmade with fine white stoneware and a beautiful glossy clear glaze.

Sold by set of 2 plates. Your plates will be intuitively chosen for your highest good.

Each plate has a chakra symbol and has been charged through energy healing techniques with vibrations corresponding to the chakras.

Sahasrara, Crown chakra : divine connection, consciousness

Ajna, Third eye chakra: intuition, imagination

Vissudha, Throat chakra : communication

Anahata, Heart chakra : self-love, love, compassion

Manipura, Solar plexus chakra : power, personal responsibility

Svadhisthana, Sacral chakra : pleasure, creativity, sexual energies

Muladhara, Root chakra : grounding, stability

As the energy comes from inside out, let energies infused your food. Sometimes just choose intuitively which plate you feel more attracted to.

 Approximately 23cm

Care instructions: Washing machine safe. Coated with safe liquid-repellent on the rough side to avoid stains.

Slowly and carefully handmade with love. Human-made beautiful imperfections can occur, they make your piece unique and authentic.