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Holistic Ceramics 2 hours Hand-building Workshop

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Enter the world of Holistic ceramics, and be ready to create your own magic ceramics for your rituals.

This special workshop is made for you to spend 2 hours relaxing and bringing to life your inner creativity in the beautiful Holistic ceramics studio. 

What to expect

- You will be able to create everything you want from 2-3 small ceramics or 2 medium ceramics (cups, vases, dish, incense holder, bowls, mugs and more)

- Small group of 4 people maximum to keep it as an intimate, warm atmosphere and energies

- Snacks and beverages provided 

- Ceramics tools & firing services provided

- Joanna, the founder of Holistic ceramics will be teaching the workshop and will teach you how to channel energies and intention to your ceramics and give you exclusive tips for your rituals 

- You will learn basic and important hand building ceramic techniques. You will be able to continue your ceramic journey on your own if you wish. 

Clay style 

- Beautiful light beige with speckles 

Glaze style 

- Joanna will be glazing your pieces as you wish - you will have the choice between glossy white, matte /satin white or a beautiful transparent gloss

What happens next 

After the workshop is over, your ceramics will be drying (1 week time) and fired to bisque (2 days time) they will be glazed by Joanna and fired again (5 days time) and finally will be ready for pickup! You will be notified by email or text message when they are ready. 

If you are looking to spend a magical moment and to elevate your vibration, to feel good and creative, and get a glimpse of the ceramic's world, this is a workshop made for you. 

Important note: 

- The workshop will go ahead once there's a minimum of three people attending the event, if not we will reschedule the workshop 

- You can cancel or reschedule 3 days before the workshop for a full refund or change of date, late cancellations won't be refunded after the 3 days before the workshop thank you for understanding.

- If you have any question, please contact us at info@holistic-ceramics.com


We can't wait to offer you a beautiful spiritual and human experience!

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