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The Chariot Tarot Candle is a 100% natural soy wax candle with shea butter, wood wick, and jojoba oil, blended with the soothing aromas of vanilla and musk essential oils, designed to elevate your self-care ritual.

Made by Mara Luna exclusively for Holistic ceramics.

The Chariot card represents Control, willpower, success, action and determination

Ritual practice

First use - Find a quiet moment for yourself. Gently remove your golden Tarot pendant. Light your candle, take three deep breaths, relax and set your intention for this ritual. 

While your candle is burning, close your eyes or watch the flame. Be balanced, feel calm, notice your thoughts but let them pass. Journal your thoughts. Be mindful about manifesting your intention for this ritual.  


A beautiful 18k gold-filled pendant to keep as a talisman.

Once you took it off from the candle, rinse it under warm/hot water to clean it from the wax. Hang your pendant on a necklace, bracelet chain, keychain, or keep it as it is. 

The Crescent moon contains beautiful dried red rose petals.


When your candle is reaching the end and the wood wick can not burn properly the last bit of the wax, put your candle in your oven at a very low temperature. This will allow your last bit of wax to burn and be used. Once your candle is finished, gently clean your bowl with warm water and keep it as your ceramic smudging bowl. 


On the first burn, allow the wax to melt to the edges. This will prevent your candle from tunnelling

Approximately 130ml - 15 burn hours

Please note this candle is 100% handmade with care, love and intention. Human-made beautiful details can occur, they make your piece unique and authentic.

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Natasha Lewis Honeyman
Candle is lovely scent and burns well

Love my candle - super luxe