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Holistic ceramics

Ritual candles

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A beautiful and unique candle to elevate your self-care rituals, in collaboration with Amarah from Mara luna, who created this wax for Holistic ceramics. 

The Ritual Candles are 100% natural soy wax candles blended with shea butter and a wood wick. The jojoba oil is a carrier to Rosewood, Cedarwood, Sandalwood and nutmeg natural essential oils safe for the body and with calming and grounding properties. 

Ritual practice

First use - Find a quiet moment for yourself. Light your candle, take three deep breaths, relax and set your intention for this ritual. When the wax reaches your golden medallion, blow out your candle, wait ten seconds and gently take off your golden star or heart. Put it aside. If you want to use the candle on your body, please take off the crescent moon wax too. 

Light again your candle; on the first burn, the wax needs to reach the edges. 

While your candle is burning, close your eyes or watch the flame. Be balanced, feel calm, notice your thoughts but let them pass. Journal your thoughts. Be mindful about manifesting your intention for this ritual. 

Once the wax has reached the edges, blow out your candle, wait five to ten seconds and dip your fingertips in the wax. 

Slowly massage behind your ears and on your wrists. Feel good, at peace and serene. 



The Ritual candle is blended with Shea butter, the ultimate skin restoring moisturizer with natural antioxidants and Jojoba oil which is rich in nutrients such as vitamin E and B, that help repair damaged skin cells, fight premature ageing and provide long-lasting moisture and hydration to the skin.

Sandalwood brings you closer to the divine, inciting calmness and clearing the mind. Repels negative energies and protect your aura when applied behind your neck.

Cedarwood is used to calm anxiety and insomnia, it's a warm and relaxing scent.

Rosewood is often used as an aphrodisiac and is excellent for your skin

Nutmeg invigorates and helps relax the nerves


A handmade porcelain golden pendant to keep as a talisman. The Star would represent guidance and the heart represents love energy. 

Once you took it off from the candle, rinse it under warm/hot water to clean it from the wax. Hang your pendant on a necklace, bracelet chain, keychain, or keep it as it is. 


The Crescent moon at the top of the candle is the Mara Luna iconic signature. The Moon is made of the same blend as the candle with a bigger amount of soy wax. That is why you need to take it off from the candle if you wish to put candle oil on your body as the Soy wax ingredient can't be dominant if you use on the skin. 

The Crescent moon contains beautiful dried red rose petals.


When your candle is reaching the end and the wood wick can not burn properly the last bit of the wax, put your candle in your oven at a very low temperature. This will allow your last bit of wax to burn and be used. Once your candle is finished, gently clean your bowl with warm water and keep it as your ceramic smudging bowl. 


Natural Soy wax is safe to be used on the skin but not if you are allergic to soy. 

The Ritual Candle is hand-poured with very low melting point ingredients, so it is safe to use the candle on the skin at a small amount. The oil is warm but because every sensitivity is different, please test before on the back of your hand. 

If you decide to put body oil on your skin, please remove the crescent moon wax before it gets melted in the candle. Gently pull it out before lighting your candle or wait that the melted wax on the top of the candle to reach the crescent moon to slowly take it off. 

On the first burn, allow the wax to melt to the edges. This will prevent your candle from tunnelling

If you decide to take off the crescent moon, store it in a cool, dry place and put it back in the wax melt for the last burning. 

Approximately 130ml - 15 burn hours

Please note this candle is 100% handmade with care, love and intention. Human-made beautiful details can occur, they make your piece unique and authentic.